Mackerel Pâté on toast

Mackerel Pâté Recipe

This delicious mackerel pâté recipe is the perfect fast fix for a party.

GBBO finalist Flora Shedden’s debut book 'Gatherings' has this delicious mackerel pâté recipe. She says, "I love to eat this smoky, citrusy and deliciously creamy pâté... piled high on slabs of good toast". Yum!


An easy food recipe that you will be able to mix up in less than 10 minutes.


smoked mackerel fillets
good-quality mayonnaise
lime (juice of)
freshly ground black pepper


  1. Remove the skin from the mackerel and break up the flesh into a food processor. I tend to break the fish in half and run my finger down the spine to check for any bones.
  2. Add the mayo and lime juice, then season with pepper.
  3. Whizz until you have a smooth pâté. (You can also mash the mixture with a fork, as my mum has done for years. The result is equally delicious but the texture will be a little coarser.)
  4. Serve with toast, cress and lemon wedges for squeezing over.


Stop loafing around

If you are pressed for time, why not use pre-bought toast croustades from the supermarket (tiny toast cups) to spoon your mackerel pâté into.

Get ahead

This recipe is perfect to make the night before and keep in a sealed container in the fridge until you need it.


Great garnish

Using a peeler make cucumber ribbons and add them when serving your pâté. Sliced baby beetroots also work really well.

Spice it up!

To give your pâté an extra kick, add a dash of paprika or cayenne pepper.


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