Two people holding sparklers

5 Top Tips To Put The Sparkle Into Your Bonfire Night.

Light the bonfire, spark the sparklers and gather round for an evening of mulled drinks...

S’mores galore

Nibbles and sharing platters are the order of the day here followed by s’mores for dessert (obvs). Check out this delicious recipe for sweet potato parmesan fries. It’s simple, quick and a real crowd pleaser. Now…get toasting those marshmallows!


Marvellous mulled drinks

If you are planning on having more than four people then why not save yourself the stress and anxiety of shaking drinks to order and prepare a pot of mulled cocktail. Our Mulled Sloe Gin is perfect to keep you warm at firework displays. Don’t forget the paper cups!  

Snap, crackle and pop

Is there anything better than a good sparkler? Whether you have a small firework display in your back garden or decide to go to a big public bonfire, always remember to stay safe. See the fire service website for advice.  

Light it up

Bonfire night is all about creating a cosy snug vibe. It’s all about the lights! Use fairy lights or festoon lighting in outdoor spaces and light some candles inside. If you have a fire pit then get it lit. There is nothing better than gathering around the glowing embers of a fire with a warming drink to really get chatter going.

Wrap up warm

Don’t forget, it’s cold out there. Make sure you wear lots of cosy layers and don’t forget your gloves for all those sparklers. Here at cuirl HQ we love these bonfire ready re-usable flame hand warmers.


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