two friends getting ready to do renovations with a hammer and a paint roller

3 Ways To Get Together And Get Stuff Done

Don't forget your paintbrush - our guide to productive gatherings.

We all know that friends can be saviours sometimes, especially when there is a task to do, which requires a roll-up of the sleeves and some good old elbow grease. However, it isn’t just these gatherings which can bring you closer together, even a strategic closet clear out can be a great opportunity for some fun. And wine. Definitely wine.

Here is 3 ways we love to get together and be productive:

The Painting Party

If your house needs a little spruce-up and you’ve honed down which funky-named paint colour you think will be next on-trend, then get some friends over for a painting party. Never a chore when done as a group, get the radio on, the dust sheets out and pop open those tins of paint.

The Flatpack Fiesta

The key to getting together can come from the most unlikely of places. How about those pesky little allen keys so traditionally linked with Swedish furniture design, which now seem to be the most important part of any item that comes flat-packed. Finding a handy couple of friends who can work with you to mis-read instructions, lose nuts and bolts, and be there for you when you realise that one of the parts is missing is all part of the joy of flat-packing as a team.

The Clothes Swap Soiree

If you’ve found yourself stuck in the middle of a Roux Paul marathon on Netflix and you realise your wardrobe is nowhere near as glam as it should be, maybe it’s time for a clothes detox. The perfect way to make sure you don’t make any fashion faux pas, is to have friends round to bring some reality back into your decision making. And help you share a bottle of wine. Now…sashay away.


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