friend's cheers over a dinner party table

The cuirl Dinner Party Survival Guide

How to throw a fail-safe fun gathering...

We all know that scientists are telling us that as a species we should spend more time being ‘social’ than on ‘social media’. Read on for our six top tips on how to throw a fail-safe gathering.

1.  Buy yourself some time

Whether it’s doing an online shop in advance, pimping up shop bought puddings or making sure your posse arrive an hour after you get home from work, afford yourself a moment. This means you have time to breathe before the fun begins!

2. Keep it simple: Drinks

Make sure that if there are more than four of you, stick to wine, bubbles or pre-batched cocktails (check out our Dark and Stormy cocktail) so you are not running around the kitchen like a lunatic with a shaker stuck to your hand. If you can resist the temptation of drinking it, try and keep a bottle of ‘emergency fizz’ in the fridge at all times. (You never know when a friend might get a new job/be dumped/emerge from a binge box set session)

3. Keep it simple: Food

As long as the food you prepare is fresh, simple and delicious your guests will be over the moon. Why not buy some fancy bread and do either tapas sharing platters or antipasto? People love to get stuck in and they are there to see you, not a deboned duck in pastry!

4. Give some thought to your outfit

Obviously if you are having a marathon-viewing of your favourite shows after a busy week, then lounge wear would probably be the order of the day. (No one was as happy as us when Beyoncé brought out her athleisure line)

No, we’re not talking about which Gucci loafers or Comme des Garçons tee you should wear. We are simply saying that if you are cooking you should wear something practical and not too fancy. Especially if you are handling anything saucy. Only bad things will happen…

5. Don’t stress the little things

So what if your plates and cutlery don’t match? So what if you don’t have all the correct kit to prepare cocktails? (See our ‘Handy Hacks for Cocktail Making’) Your friends are there to see you and enjoy the F&B, so as long as you concentrate on those, you are sure to be a hit!

6. Always check what people can (and can’t) eat

Dietary requirements are pretty key nowadays when hosting. Whether it is vegan/vegetarian/hates mushrooms/is allergic to peanuts, someone reacting with anything other than a smile, is what we are here to help you avoid. Always check!

7. Pets

Although we are mildly obsessed with the @itsdougthepug instagram account, if you have a gold fish, guinea pig or pet iguana that it is probably best you keep them out of sight (and smell).

8. Most importantly have fun!

Leave some blank Cards Against Humanity/Guards Against Insanity and a sharpie pen, roll out the twister mat or just have a good old-fashioned boogie. Make the most of getting together.




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