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6 Tricks And Treats For A Scarily Successful Halloween Party

Here is our six top tips to having a stress free spooktacular Halloween party… without the goosebumps.

1. Ghoulishly good food

Nibbles and sharing platters are the order of the day here. Flora Shedden’s delicious recipe for Sweet Potato Parmesan Fries is simple, quick and a real crowd pleaser at any halloween party. Why not try her Sticky Ribs And Slaw, perfect amongst friends. You could even serve them in these black coffin food trays from Ginger Ray.

2. Creepy cocktails

If you are planning on having more than four people then why not save yourself the stress and anxiety of shaking drinks to order and prepare a punch. We can’t decide if our favourite is the El Diablo or the Dark and Stormy.

3. Deadly decorations

Party professionals Meri Meri have launched their ‘Sugar Skull’ selection this year. Whether it is the metallic rose gold skull garland or the swizzle sticks for your cocktails. Grab yours now!

4. Eerie entertainment

Hair-raising hoopla – To really get the party started why not opt for Ginger Ray’s ‘Creep It Real’ witches hat hoop game. The pack includes two hats and eight hoops so enough to get all your guests involved.

5. Ghostly goodie bags

Goodie bags aren’t just for kids, ya know. Everyone should get on the party bag bus. The right goodie bag will make any journey home (whether it’s a nightmarish night bus or a terrifying taxi), fly past. We’d recommend these paper pumpkin treat bags from  We love to add a miniature Absolut vodka or even these mini ‘Unicorn Tears’ pink and black gin liqueurs. Why not also add some Hotel Chocolat Choose Your Poison Cocktail Liqueur Chocolates for a bite.

6. Petrifying pets

Don’t leave out your furry friends this Halloween. The website has an entire section dedicated to great costumes for pets, from barkingly good Batman to scary Star Wars. They’ll be some hot dogs out on Halloween this years, that’s for sure!

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