Ice Breakers That Would Melt Alaska

How cuirl Head of Mischief Vic Grier, gets the convo flowing at parties…

1. Wear a conversation starter

I count myself as lucky that my eye sight is not 20:20. Why? Because it allows me to enjoy wearing a whole host of interesting face furniture. I have a pair of Norwegian baby pink glasses that make me feel like it’s 1974 and Abba have just won the Eurovision song contest. (I like to believe I am more Agnetha…than Timmy Mallet) They never fail to get a conversation going.

2. Pay someone a compliment

I once wore a sequined dress to a black-tie event and was complimented by a particularly flamboyant American who approached me, screaming “OMG! You look like New York!”. It made me feel like a million dollars.

Compliments help form the tapestry of social communication. They help us bond with each other. The one rule here is make sure they are both genuine and sincere.

I usually find myself commenting on someone’s style, an item of clothing, a knock out pair of earrings or even a hair cut. Though I do try and make compliments that are not just superficial. (Tricky when you have just met someone but why not give it a go). By no means am I suggesting you tell someone you have just met that they probably ‘sweat glitter’ but you can tell them they are helpful or that the host won’t stop talking about how great they are.

3. Always ask about their weekend

Past or future this is a fail safe way to get to know someone. Whether you bond over your favourite binge sesh box sets or discover their interesting and unusual hobby, it’s all good. After all, ‘There’s Nowt So Queer As Folk’. Everyone has their quirks; tell them about your and listen to theirs. It’s like a beautiful game of ping pong.

4. Raining cats and dogs

Oscar Wilde described it as the last refuge of the unimaginative. Us Brits love nothing more than talking about the weather. Apparently we spend four months of our lives talking about it. It’s baffled folks from other countries for decades but it’s true! Now, is it just me or is it cold out there?

5. Did you hear about?

I always like to have a piece of news up my sleeve but keep it light! It could be about a panda rolling around in the snow in Washington DC, or the latest celebrity reality show incidents. Whatever topic you choose, best to keep away from politics, religion or…Kanye.


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