pouring an old fashioned in a glass with ice

No Cocktail Shaker? Don’t Get Shaken Up!

All the gear and no idea...let cuirl be your guide.

Don’t have a muddler?

Lots of cocktail recipes call for the use of a ‘muddler’; no this not a Harry Potter character, it’s just a fancy looking wooden spoon used to squash fruits and herbs together, for example in a Mojito with mint leaves and limes. A simple and effective alternative is to use a rolling pin or wooden spoon instead. Easy! Now, where did I leave that Havana Club rum?

Don’t have a cocktail shaker?

A protein shaker, sports bottle or large jar with a lid will all work just fine. In fact, anything watertight will do, even an empty milk bottle or plastic takeaway container. Just remember to wash them out well; no one wants noodles in their Negroni. If your cocktail is stirred and not shaken, just plump for a pint glass and a chopstick. Easy!

Don’t have flavoured syrups in your cupboard?

You don’t need to use syrups to add flavour or sweetness, just shake up a teaspoon of jam with your other cocktail ingredients. Blueberry, raspberry, cherry, peach, fig or even marmalade; the list is endless! Just add your favourite spirit and a little lemon or lime juice. Delish!

You’ve run out of ice?

The point of ice in a cocktail is two fold: firstly to chill, and secondly to dilute. If you’ve run out of ice and need to dilute a drink, simply add some filtered water, a little at a time, to taste. If you need to chill the drink, just make your cocktail, pour it into a container and keep in the fridge until you need it. Genius! Ice cold Old Fashioned at the ready!

Don’t have a measure?

Grab a bottle cap (holds around 10ml) or an egg cup (holds around 40ml).

No sugar syrup?

Super simple to make and perfect if you’re in a rush as you don’t need saucepans or cooling-time. Add equal parts water and sugar to a plastic container with a lid. Seal it up tight. Shake hard until all the sugar has dissolved. To extend your syrup’s shelf life, just add a splash of vodka or use 2 parts sugar to 1 part water. If you are even too short on time to do this then a splash of maple syrup can always save the day! Sometimes at cuirl HQ we like to use demerara rather than white sugar to go in our rum cocktail, but be warned a little goes a long way!


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