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Do You Spend A Day A Week Online?

Our top tips on how to get off grid and get together...

If you are anything like the team here at cuirl, then you will be at melting point by lunchtime with the number of messages, emails and reminders you have popping up, on your iphone, Mac or tablet; or even all three. It is understandable in this situation that you may want to raise your knees to your chest, assume the foetal position and decide that you can’t cope with life any longer. Never fear! cuirl is here!

According to Ofcom’s UK Communications Market Report, ‘half of adults agreed that if they could not access the internet their life would be boring’and ‘88% of adults…spend an average of 24 hours each week online’. That is one whole day per week surfing and scrolling! Imagine how many picnics, parties and games nights we could have if we just learned to temporarily unplug.

We are going to help you find your zen with some top tips in your quest for digital detox. *note* We are not suggesting that you go full hog and delete all social media accounts, embrace healing crystals and indulge in a peyote cactus journey, but you’ll get the idea…

4 Things You Need To Do Now: 

1. Identify the biggest offenders

It is common knowledge that when we are not being constantly distracted by our devices, our overall wellbeing improves, we find it easier to focus and we sleep better. Of all the technology out there, which is disturbing you the most? Make a list and tackle it.

2. Turn off notifications

Don’t misunderstand us. Nothing is more exciting in this life than receiving a notification to let you know that your Deliveroo is on the way! But let’s be honest. Even we don’t need to know every time someone likes our photo on Instagram, or that our Facebook profile hasn’t been updated in 32 weeks, or that we haven’t logged our weight on MyFitnessPal (I mean, we haven’t lost our minds).

Why not turn off the notifications you can do without? Give it a go and if you still find it difficult to avoid taking a sneaky peak then why not download a handy detox app. Our favourites are: Moment, Space and ShutApp.

3. Think about what makes you happy

Now without trying to sound too much like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music, compile a list of your favourite things. Is it eating Pho with friends, or getting out into the open for a good walk in the fresh air? Maybe it is hopping on an aeroplane last minute and getting lost in a European city. Whatever it is, makes sure you do more of it, and that you share it with your nearest and dearest.

4. Speaking of which…Get together!

The one thing that you have in common with your friends is that you all probably have the same technology related pet peeves. Our mission here at cuirl is to get people together so why not start with ‘Hide the Hamster – A Dinner Party Survival Guide’ or use our tasty cocktail recipes to really get the party started!

Now! Go forth and gather…



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